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Now for those of you who don’t know already; FYCreatives is a creative industry hub for Blackpool, supporting creative industry businesses as well as giving general business advice and support.

Built in 2009 as part of Blackpool Council’s Enterprise and Employment Department; now named Economic Development Division, FYC has offered affordable workspace for creative businesses from the point at which they start out, develop, and then expand. It is a step by step professional gateway for those working within the Creative Industry Sectors.

What do we mean by creative industry sectors? Sometimes we hear the word ‘creative’ and assume ‘arty farty’, however the creative industries encompasses a vast technical and cultural range of skills and professions that go hand in hand with supporting wider business and economic growth and development. Areas including but not restricted to Marketing, Advertising, Photography, Web Design, Graphic Design, Illustration, Film and Media, have all been based at FYC from one time or another and its easy in/out policy for new businesses, makes it a great starting block from which to spring board new ideas and partnerships as a ‘creative’. Many of those who started at FYC have now moved to larger premises within Blackpool including FYC’s sister venue, 81 Central, Church Street, Blackpool (next to Winter Gardens).

FYC is not just for the ‘business’ side to being creative either, in the past 4 years FYC has opened its doors to an ongoing influx of creative passers by with its iMac Hot-Desk facility based in the reception area. This area is available to any creative individual looking to continue to develop ideas, maintain correspondence and encourage social, critical and artistic growth around what ‘they’ do. Many people have collaborated through using the hot-desk, as it is informal for people who perhaps do not yet have (or feel do not need) a professional base.

As well as free hot-desk areas and office space, FYC has an exceptional professional white cube gallery space, to rival the big cities. Whether an organisation, looking to host promotional events, or a Fine Artist looking for a professional shell to enhance your portfolio, a gallery really can present your work on another level to audiences.

For 3 years FYC has partnered with local contemporary arts initiative Supercollider to develop and deliver critically challenging artwork in the space-ensuring that the Ground Floor to this facility is forever changing and forever visually engaging. From theatre produced by local script writers, International film’s from Art Gallery permanent collections, to local artists curating wider reaching exhibitions and graffiti showcases, FYC has housed it all.

2013 continues to see this partnership flourish by also introducing new life and energy via arts initiative, The Lucky Jotter. This trio of professionally practising creative’s have an ongoing submission callout for innovative and engaging artists to submit work, ensuring that FYC is seen to compete with larger venues and their programmes.


Separate to this FYC is the hosting venue for Blackpool Council’s ‘Get Started’ business support programme, with exceptional advice and support for people looking to set up businesses. With accredited professional advisers and an immense case study of new business start up’s for Blackpool, Get Started does exactly what it says on the tin whilst supporting Blackpool’s moto of ‘Progress’.

In times of decreased services, reductions in income and worries around being all that you can be, whilst having so much expectation placed upon us; FYC provides a seat when you need to think, a table in which to place a sketchbook and draft, a computer when you need to research or upload new ideas, a peer network to listen to your ideas, space to spread your wings and a Gallery from which to sustain your new found aspirations. The opportunity to take hold of FYC is now and whilst a space like this exists in Blackpool, why aren’t you using it?

Click here to download a FYCreatives Exhibition Proposal.

General enquiries or to view offices and the gallery at FYCreatives can be made to [email protected] or call 01253 477147. You can also go online to fycreatives.com. For more information about Supercollider visit supercolliderhq.org.uk and for more information about The Lucky Jotter visit theluckyjotter.com.

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