Preview: The North West Comedy Collective Launch Night

It’s the New Year, it’s a new start – 2014 is full of good intentions. But really? January is like a month of Mondays! We are all skint from spending loads of cash over Christmas, most of us feel sluggish and chubby from over indulging on Christmas cake and fine wines.  January can be a blue and slow month for many of us. What I would like right now is to go on holiday or to have a right good laugh.  Luckily for me and the folks of Blackpool, a local girl is bringing smiles right to Blackpool’s doorstep.

Alana- Jade is the person who is going to make it happen with her new comedy night; The Northwest Comedy Collective at Reflections Bar, a few doors down from the popular Blue Room on Church Street.  I caught up with Alana who told me that after her travels to Australia she accidently ended up doing a comedy stint.  On her return to Blackpool she decided to bring her very own brand of charm home. The North West Comedy Collective is as an over 18s night and is getting lots of interest in advance of their opening night this Thursday which features ten acts.

This Thursday opens with their headlining act Angus Little who is the son of the famous Australian soap actor, Mark Little.
There is a recognised comedy scene and some of it is very underground.  As with all art scenes, it can be very elitist. Alana’s intention is to open up the scene so individuals get a chance to demonstrate their own unique styles.

Doors open at 8pm on Thursday 16th January and capacity is 80, the bar is pretty affordable at £2.50 per double/mixer. Those in attendance can expect to see between five and seven comedians on rotation every 15 minutes with experienced comedians headlining.

Find out more about the night here and book your tickets in advance. Stick with us to see photos and a review of the night.

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