Local Urban Artists to Feature in London Exhibition

Two Blackpool-based artists, Infected by Design and Catch-22, have been voted into The Curious Art-Pie Show, a London-based event, exhibiting varied urban art from around the country. Voted for by the public and then whittled down further by a panel of judges, the final list for the curious exhibition is varied and striking, featuring pieces inspired by street and modern art. The submitted works from the top twenty artists show what is sure to be a strong exhibition, from street art to portraiture, these often mixing to create something bold and different.

infected-design-Snareophobe-FullPosterThe entry from Infected by Design is a bold one.  Originally used as an album cover for Bristol’s DJs Snareophobes, this is a work that catches your eye immediately and won’t let go.  There is always something new to discover in this fantastic piece of artwork. Self-proclaimed doodler David Healy (Infected) uses spray paints and Posca pens to create his pieces of incredibly intricate and detailed art. On The Curious Art-Pie Show’s website, Healy states that, “my Infections are created with no vision in mind, I allow them to come freely of my hand, if it looks good, I proceed, if not, I change it up.” Last June Infected took part in the Sand, Sea & Spray festival, showcasing his illustrative, colourful work. Infected’s work will be presented at The Curious Art-Pie Show from 6 to 12 February.

marc-athertonAlso picked by the public to present their work at Art-Pie is Catch-22, an interesting artist using spray paints and acrylics to create dynamic, contrasting pieces of work. Often overlaying his bright-pink, refined spray-paints with striking examples of portraiture. At first glance, Catch’s work may not seem as visually intricate as Healy’s, however there are so many, yet, unseen layers to discover in his work; coloured, perfectly pitched lines darting across the canvas, shades of black on the vivid, growling face of the tiger as showcased on The Curious Art-Pie Show’s site. Catch-22 also presented his work at the Sand, Sea & Spray festival last summer and will showcase at the exhibition in just under a month, potentially allowing a whole new audience to engage with his emotional, accessible work.


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