Review: Russian State Ballet’s Giselle at Blackpool Grand Theatre

Last Friday I was privileged to attend the touring Russian State Ballet’s production of Giselle.

The theatre was busy and there was an air of excitement in the air that set the mood perfectly for what was yet to come. Giselle is a popular ballet and the first of three that were on last weekend, the others being Sleeping Beauty and Swan Lake. I am not a regular at ‘the ballet’ but I am keen to support what The Grand Theatre does and shout from the roof tops what excellent productions and shows are available to us and what a treat this show was in particular.

Formed in 1981, The Russian State Ballet of Siberia offers an excellent experience for everybody, with stunning stage sets, delicate costumes and accompaniment from their own orchestra. Giselle is perhaps one of the most popular of classical ballets. It follows a mystical love story set deep in a haunted forest. The story unfolds through emotive and graceful movements; lifts and glides across the stage with a dream-like quality. The charming Giselle is initially joyful while falling in love but the narrative leads to her eventual demise when her heart is broken.

Ballet, like all expressive arts, should engage the audience to allow emotion through the performer and leave us feeling a little more rejuvenated or thoughtful in some way. If you don’t think the ballet is accessible you should question why that’s your perception as a full theatre can’t be wrong.Jocelyn_Vollmar

The ballet company itself was founded in 1978 by graduates from a number of areas in Russia. The company specialises in Twentieth Century full-length ballets such as Cinderella, Romeo and Juliet, Spartacus, The Golden Age, Mozart and Salieri and Antigona. The ballet is a beautiful experience and a string orchestra is as delicate, uplifting and relaxing as walking barefoot on dew-covered grass on a warm summer day. The Grand Theatre, as always, adds its own unique setting, a cosy seat, a warm stage and a different experience for all you culture lovers.

Keep an eye on the Grand’s website for information on upcoming dance events.









Images from Wikimedia Commons.

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