Art exhibition by Sara C

Start date: 22 Jan 2024
End date: 4 Mar 2024
Location: Tea Amantes

Talented Blackpool-based Spanish illustrator and abstract artist Sara C showcased her expertise in various techniques. Her preferred mediums include portraits, collage, and acrylic painting. A keen enthusiast of photography, she integrates her own captivating captures into her artwork, often drawn from her explorations along South Shore or inspired by her childhood memories and dreams.

Reclaim Blackpool - Mapping Sexual Harrasment
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    Antonia Charlesworth Stack is a journalist and editor from Blackpool. She was deputy editor of Big Issue North magazine and is editor of Blackpool Social Club. Antonia is also the founder of Reclaim Blackpool, a women's safety campaign that began life as an article she wrote for Blackpool Social Club. She's a contributing author to the Lancashire Stories anthology with her story about a Blackpool performer, The Call of The Sea. The book is available for free in libraries across the county.