Mathew Parkin – When Passive Aggressive Strategies Fail To Get Results

Supercollider is pleased to announce Mathew Parkin‘s ‘When Passive Aggressive Strategies Fail To Get Results’ as the next exhibition in the 2012 programme.

Parkin’s disparate practice sees him operating within a wide definition of contemporary abstract sculpture and installation where his work concentrates on the construction of identity through performance, taste, the communication of physical experience and the potential tension derived from crossovers within the field of design and organisational mechanics. This tension is underpinned by Parkin’s ownership and authorial voice with the work also displaying allusions to issues of sexual, cultural and spatial identity.

His most recent practice has focused on the increasing fluidity of identity, particularly in relation to internet driven culture with issues of fashion and desire gaining importance.

For ‘Passive Aggressive Strategies…’ Parkin has furnished the exhibition space with a series of 3 plywood constructions which whilst breaking up the space act as support structures for the small individual works he has also created.

These small works (and those wall based pieces) present the viewer with an awkward series of visual propositions; photographs which appear as mouse mats or mugs, a Felix Gonzalez-Torres referencing video playing on a touch-screen tablet device, a casually placed printed banner depicting a t-shirt tossed over the edge of a table, a pane of glass which plays host to a series of abstract expressionist-like marks mimicking the physicality of the human relationship to touch-screen technology, an abstracted portrait of a smoking man, the grinning smiley face of the emoticon-like air freshener, the pouting face of pop star Lana Del Ray beneath a loop of chains and a print of an extended finger gliding across the surface of a touch screen device.

These works (and the installation as a whole) occupy a space within the border regions of art language; on the edge of a definable artistic vernacular where boundaries and identities between one and the other blur, are built up, broken down and rebuilt anew in a projected, self-desired image.

Mathew Parkin lives & works in Norwich, UK. Recent projects include The Sunday Curator – Digital Exhibtion, itsourplayground.com; A film produced for You’ll Get Used To It, Oliver Braid for New Work Symposium, Tramway, Glasgow; Dovble Trovble, CCA, Glasgow; Carte, rue du Faubourg Saint Denis, Paris, France. Parkin generated collaborative curatorial projects as Kiln Projects.

Mathew Parkin “When Passive Aggressive Strategies Fail To Get Results” runs until Saturday 25th November 2012 and is open 12-5pm Wednesday to Saturday. Supercollider is based at 59 Cookson Street, Blackpool. For more information about Supercollider visit their website at www.supercolliderhq.org.uk. You can also visit Mathew Parkin’s website at mathewparkin.co.uk

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