The Dapper Side – Loom Bands

In the past few months we have seen a Loom Band craze take the nation by storm. This simple idea of creating bracelets and other trinkets from the small circled bands has kept children and adults alike captivated for hours.
Personally, I think Loom Bands are brilliant, not that I have tried them. But anything that can entice young people away from sitting in front of the TV or playing war games whilst updating statuses and evading sunlight can only be a good thing.
The phenomenon has seen some communities form Loom Band clubs, weekly meetings where they pass on skills and interact.ย  It has also seen groups of school children attempt record breaking feats and learn life-affirming skills such as good team work and communication.
As well as the positives of bringing people together for a common goal, it has opened up people’s imaginations. The Loom Bands creative process has roots in the world of craft so the mass public engagement is worth celebrating.ย  And who knows where this could lead? Perhaps ‘Loomers’ might use this itch to create craft a step further, exploring other creative outlets. Just imagine attending a patchwork group or a life drawing class to hear that a fellow member of the group got inspired through connecting Loom Bands together.
This craze could be the best public engagement event to happen to the craft world.
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