Preview: The Simon and Garfunkel Story

Changing their names from Simon and Garfunkel to Tom and Jerry might have seemed a good idea to them at the time, but after lukewarm success they wisely chose to revert back to Simon and Garfunkel. They went on to create five incredible albums which popped their musical heads into pop, folk and even medieval canticles before cumulating to their undoubted classic album Bridge Over Troubled Water. Personal resentments and creative pressure split the pair, with only the occasional epic scale live concert bringing them within punching distance of each other.

Sadly, neither solo careers garnered the true acclaim that they did as a duo.ย  Yes, we liked Bright Eyes and Graceland was an incredible album, but the true, straight to the heart musical brilliance that flowed like a pure stream of water was never to be recaptured in their own explorations.

The Grand is giving us a chance to dip our hands into that stream and slake our thirsts this September. The Simon And Garfunkel Story is coming to Blackpool and we are invited to re-live those many incredible songs and hear those voices in perfect union as live action and film mix to tell the tale of the dynamic duo. West End star Dean Elliot and a full cast will be performing as the duo on Friday 19 September and tickets are selling fast so get them if you can and be taken on a musical journey that you know for a fact is filled with some of the greatest songs ever written.

That they are not the real Simon and Garfunkel is in this case a bonus, as they are guaranteed to be able to get through to the end of the show without Paul Simon pulling a strop and walking off.ย  The Simon and Garfunkel Story is going to be one of the musical highlights of the Grand’s season so don’t be Homeward Bound, turn around and book your tickets today.

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