Preview: Andy Zaltzman at Lowther Pavilion

We are entertained by satire all of the time; on our televisions, on our radios and all across the internet. You’ve probably watched a bit of satire today, without even knowing. Satire is an easily digestible, comedic send up of current events. Satire is available in almost any medium. Although comedians and satirists can be scathing and biting, I have always had the wish to jump into the television and get my own point of view out there. If you share this same urge then perhaps comedian Andy Zaltzman’s new show Satirist for Hire is for you. Zaltzman is one half of transatlantic podcast The Bugle.  In his new show he takes email suggestions from his audiences and riffs on the different topics provided. This is an opportunity to have your political bug-bears put out there, on stage, at The Lowther Pavilion on 16 October.

Every day I stick in my headphones and listen to a podcast. If you do not know what a podcast is, let me fill you in. A podcast is basically radio on demand, the difference is that podcasts come from both the professional and amateur field. One of my favourite podcasts is The Bugle, presented by former host of The Daily Show and host of new HBO show Last Week Tonight John Oliver and the aforementioned satirist Andy Zaltzman. It’s hard to describe The Bugle to somebody who has never listened to it.  On a basic level the show is a packed half hour of audio satire with a few linguistically fuelled jokes thrown in for good measure. But it’s so much more than that. At the moment I am listening to the most recent edition of The Bugle in which Oliver and Zaltzman take on the potentially sensitive Ebola epidemic, dissecting the hot topic with crazily imaginative analogies and quick whipped delivery. If you to plug your ears into Bugle 275 then listen out for Oliver’s particularly funny digression on Forest Antelope.


Zaltzman’s Satirist for Hire is sure to be one of the most interactive comedy shows you are likely to attend. I for one will be emailing [email protected] and sending Zaltzman my potentially satirical, funny quibbles. Andy Zaltzman will be performing at The Lowther Pavilion this Thursday, 16 October. Tickets cost £12. Be sure to book at the Lowther’s Box Office. Satirist for Hire is just one example of The Lowther’s varied and exciting programme this month.

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  • Sean O’Sullivan

    I went to see Andy Zaltman along with my eldest son and my father-in-law. We left at the break mid performance feeling not only short changed but in fact robbed.

    I love satire and looked forward to seeing Andy (although I had never head of him when my wife booked the tickets) and went along with an open mind.

    When the three of us arrived nice and early we were ushered into the the bar by the Lowther Pavillion staff checking the tickets and subsequently told that the “show” was being shown in the bar room, not the main auditorium. When the show started Andy mentioned that when he previously played Lowther Pavillion some of the audience (statistically a significant portion of the audience with referenceto the numbers given) failed to return for the second half of the show after the break. We should have got up and left then really but thought he was joking!

    What followed was so poor and NOT funny that to relate any details of the show again in detail here would be classed as self harm!

    Perhaps the next time Andy Zaltzman appears at the Lowther Pavillion he will be playing the “Gents” but even then may struggle to fill the venue…

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