Interview: Olivia Rose Hulme

Joy Parkinson chats to Olivia Rose Hulme, a 20 year old art student from Blackpool, about her course, the things that inspire her and what she hopes to achieve in the future.

Joy: When did you start getting into art?

Olivia: ‘I’m not really sure. I guess it was at Blackpool Sixth Form during my A Levels but I really started to enjoy myself when I started my foundation course at Blackpool and the Fylde College. The environment was very creative and inspiring.’

Joy: Did you have a favourite piece of work from your time at Blackpool and the Fylde College?

Olivia: ‘I really enjoyed making my final piece for the end of year exhibition. It was a very tall bird sculpture. I looked at 18th century women and found images of women whose frames had changed from constantly wearing corsets. It seemed that there wasn’t only restraints in terms of their body but there was a lot of restraints for women during the time so I called the piece ‘My Body Is A Cage.’

Joy: How did you decide what you wanted to study at university?

Olivia: ‘I picked a number of different courses at a number of different universities but since I started looking around I became obsessed with the costume design course at Edinburgh College of Art. I know it sounds cliché but I thought the website was really cool and I instantly wanted to go. When I was offered a place there was no doubts, I was going there and I knew I’d made the right decision.’

Olivia 2
Olivia’s Designs

Joy: What does your course entail?

Olivia: ‘A lot. We study costume design, puppetry, set design, millinery- how to make hats, pattern cutting, life drawing. At the moment we are also looking at historical pattern cutting.’

Joy: Do you have a favourite area?

Olivia: ‘Costume design. You can take so many influences from anywhere.’

Joy: You have just finished your second year on the course. What have you been up to this year? 

Olivia: ‘I really enjoyied my course this year. I feel like I have a better understanding of my style. This year I have drawn my attention to digital print. I’ve looked at 17th century paintings which can be seen to be quite abstract and taken the influence of only being able to see the prints when looked at close up. I’m going to be printing them onto a dress which I am making.’

Joy: How would you describe your style?

Olivia: ‘I like to take elements from the past but keep things contemporary. My work has been described as quite fashionable but fashion is a different ball game.’

Olivia's Designs

Olivia's Designs










Joy: What can you see yourself doing in the future?

Olivia: ‘There are so many exciting fields that I would love to work in. I would really enjoy to work as a fashion illustrator or a clothes stylist on either film, television, theatre or in music videos. The ultimate dream however would be to work for the Metropolitan Opera. Currently I’ve just completed a number of weeks working as a costume superviser at the Royal Opera in London and have become involved with producing images for GUISE magazine, a new costume magazine also based in London.’

Olivia's Designs
Olivia’s Designs











To look at more of Olivia Rose Hulme’s work check out her lovely blog:

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