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I accidentally fell into this writing thing. I’m not particularly brilliant at it but I throw in the odd wry comment, cobble together a pithy turn of phrase, cross my fingers and hope. It is working for me. The one thing I’ve not fallen foul of in my writing insecurities is professional jealousy. Sure, there are a few things I wish I’d written: Clive Barker’s Books Of Blood, the ‘it puts the lotion on its skin’ scene from Silence Of The Lambs, the Doctor Who story Horror Of Fang Rock and the subject of this brief missive – 2001: A Space Ode and Ditty by Colin Davies.

He is big and he is clever and enviably literate and he turns me green with envy!

Colin Davies’s hour long show is a poetically structured love letter to all things geek. When I say geek I mean a real one, not these modern day would-be geeks who’ve watched The Big Bang Theory, Iron Man/Thor and bought some thick specs. I’m talking the hardcore, suffered for your passion for Blakes 7 or the tiny lead figured RPG Traveller geeks. The kind of geek who would have started a Chopper/Midnight Stranger graffiti battle, the kind of geek who would have understood that last reference. It’s an awesome creation of poems and raconteur-like storytelling that covers a lifetime of loving all that which wears a space helmet. It’s warm, funny, devastatingly intelligent and deserves to be seen by more people and definitely deserves to be awarded in some way.

Ah – but that is happening! In its brief (so far) run, Colin’s show has attracted the attention of Sabotage Reviews, an online body that pushes to award the best in new poetry and writing via the highly respected Saboteur Awards. Now in their fifth year, these awards seek to acknowledge the wordy efforts of the year and our Colin is up for the prestigious award for best spoken word show! Not bad for a show that has only had two full performances (and a test show that I was lucky enough to be witness).

You can vote to support Colin’s endeavour until 24 May at the link below. Perhaps if we ask him nicely he will perform it for us before the voting deadline. I’m sure once you have been charmed and delighted by his tour de geek you’ll be marking his box with an X, or scrawling CHOPPER LIVES! across it (if you don’t get the reference see the show and all will be explained).

Vote for Colin via the Saboteur Awards website.

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