Jeramiah Ferrari at Lytham Festival

Jeremiah Ferrari

So on Wednesday, I decided to  ditch my relaxing evening in with a glass of red, battle the gale force winds of Blackpool sea front and make my way to the Assembly rooms in Lytham St Anne’s, for a much more expensive glass of wine albeit better entertainment.

Jeramiah Ferrari was my listening and viewing choice for the night, the band name that gives nothing away, but it doesn’t need to. As soon as the bass drum kicks in and that all too familiar and warming reggae rhythm starts, you get hooked.

Even though most songs were originals from the band, there’s a sort of familiarity in their music that draws you in and tricks you into thinking you know their songs.

The audience wasn’t large, but after the first song, I appreciated that.

The music resonated wonderfully, the atmosphere was relaxed and chilled and everyone had the opportunity to sit and close their eyes and listen to the sound, instead straining to hear it over groups of chatter or fighting for space on the dance floor or endless queues at the bar.

The band was great. The songs, originals and covers, were definitely album worthy and even with a combined age of what seemed to be about 25, each member was professional, slick and charming. So if you like reggae, ska, rock and/or punk, Jeramiah Ferrari is definitely worth a listen, but in all honesty, If you’re going to see these guys for anything, let it be the gentleman on lead vocals, as he had, and I quote myself from the evening here, ‘A voice like melting butter’.

My only downside for the evening was that the set was far too short for the price of the ticket. I don’t regret the £18 charge, because the band was worth it, but it could have been a little bit more sugar coated if the drinks prices behind the bar hadn’t have been just as extortionate.

You can find out more about Jeramiah Ferrari on their website.

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