Pinocchio and Hip Hop Collide

The story of Pinocchio and Hip Hop music collaborated in a stomping production featuring dubs, killer vibes and a whole host of talented and aspiring children and young people who took to the stage at the Grand Theatre.

WingZ Theatre Works and Skool of Street are responsible for the choreography and stage design of this twist on the classic tale. They have transformed the cast into living legends with their extremely confident beat boxing, move-busting, and overall greatly received Popnocchio production delivered to the Grand just weeks ago.

At some times just plain sinister with characters to match and each scene cleverly constructed to simply follow Popnocchio on his great adventures of how to become more than just a puppet. The scenery is simple but effective making it easy to follow through each sequence with some special backing music to move on to the next part of the adventure.

With ages ranging from the youngest kids being around six up to around seventeen, the Hip Hop dance troupe’s energy blasted with some foot stomping rhythm.

Established in 2013 WingZ Theatre Workz and Skool of Street have a bumper fresh box of talent and a wicked back catalogue of productions already to their name. Now seeing this production at the Grand Theatre has traversed them to higher levels and their success as a Hip Hop style dance troupe is confirmed.

The organisers remarking on Popnocchio said: “We could tell you a brand new story, but Pinocchio feels right, its moral messages are something that many feel strongly about, and this production is us saying, we are here, we have a message, and look at what we can do.”

And so they did. The show taught not to lie, or steal. The message is true, and real. Popnocchio, was bounding in energy and moral issues straight from the street and gives an ample opportunity to the kids, and us alike, to follow those rules.

To get involved in a project where you can possibly perform, too, please contact Sam or Aish via [email protected].



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