A FREE online workshop for people of all experience levels who want to unlock the transformational power of clowning.

Have you always wanted to try your hand at clowning?
Are you a secret clown at heart?
Would you like to find out more about what being a clown is really about? Then read on-this could be your chance to run away and join that beckoning circus.

Barnaby King has dedicated his life to the art of clowning since 2000. He’s written books, made shows and convened festivals. But he tells us that his greatest joy is passing on the spirit, energy and vitality of clowning to others, whether in person or online.

On his website, Clown Spirit https://learn.clown-spirit.com/ Barnaby describes his experience of clowning as:

 “A pathway to personal transformation, spiritual awakening and self-acceptance, clowning is also a powerful tool for transforming the world around us. Clown Spirit is here to support and nurture you on this journey. Whatever your experience level, we hope you’ll find what it is you most need right now.”

He goes on to explain,

“Clown has been my life for over twenty years. I dedicated myself to clowning because it allowed me to stop taking myself so seriously and find the joy in the mundane and the ridiculous. Our grand ambitions, lofty goals and self-important pronouncements fall (literally) flat when the clown in us arrives on the scene.  But perhaps most importantly the clown touches the divine in each of us, and re-connects us with the universal and deeply human trickster energy.

For twenty years I have had the privilege of helping countless people access that energy both for artistic and personal benefit.  Clowning is an art form but it is also a deeply spiritual process of coming to know ourselves at the deepest level. This clown awareness is a powerful tool for self-knowledge and growth and the great news is that it is available for EVERYONE, whether you choose to become a clown or just use it in your everyday life.”

Funded by the Arts Council England, Barnaby is running a free online clowning session where you can join in to find out if clowning is for you. He is particularly keen to connect with artists in the North West of England and to link to us here in Blackpool.

At the free workshop you will learn:

  • How to lean into your flops and flaws
  • How to connect with the power of vulnerability
  • How to feel, listen and see without judgment
  • How to play and take risks without fear
  • How to go deeper and truly discover the transformative power of clowning in your life.

Barnaby tells us that this will be an introduction to clowning for anyone with or without experience of clowning (or any kind of performance). He is interested in working with people who either want to develop new skills or explore clowning as a means of self-exploration and development.

The workshop will be 90 minutes long and takes place on Wednesday 1 September at 7pm.

So what’s stopping you?

Sign up and discover your inner clown: https://life.clown-spirit.com/free

For further information about Barnaby King and Clown Spirit visit his website: https://learn.clown-spirit.com/




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