Gallery: Blackpool and North Fylde on film

The ocean at Blackpool. No swimming today.

The light dawned photographically bright on 5th February 2023 and it was time for a photo trip. That roll of Kentmere (other brands are available) film had been sat on the shelf too long and was screaming ‘shoot me now, shoot me now’. I used to use and like Kentmere photographic paper in my teens and 20s (I can just about remember that) and was keen to try this affordable 400 iso product.

Walking north to Cleveleys.

I selected my Leica CL 35mm camera and the Jupiter 50mm lens, with ‘Made in USSR’ engraved on the barrel, and loaded that film. With a 24 hour pass on the phone I set off to catch the 10:38 service 3 bus to Blackpool.

On the beach at Cleveleys.

Strolling down to catch a tram, I passed the bottom of Victoria Street, which meant another would be along in 15 minutes, giving me time to shoot a few promenade frames in Blackpool, including some of our very photogenic litter dumpsters. With these in the can I caught a tram from the North Pier stop and travelled to Anchorsholme.

Cleveleys gazebo and lighting.

From there it was simple to wander north, eye open and camera cradled, up to Cleveleys, the sea, people and promenade design providing a wealth of shots, including the obligatory Mary’s Shell sculpture in the sea. I’d actually overshot Cleveleys town centre. Retracing, I thought I’d have a coffee, but couldn’t get in the place โ€“ Sundays are getting so busy. Foiled on the refreshment front, I caught another tram up to Fleetwood. There I meant to take a meal in the Cafe Royal, but people were queuing out of the door, so I was foiled again. Good to see this business doing so well and indeed so many people out and about.

Cleveleys Mary’s Shell sculpture

Instead I had a stroll on the beach and down the promenade until I hit frame 36 and photo game over.

Breakwater at Fleetwood.

A nice little snooze on the tram back to Blackpool was refreshing. I caught the service 4 back home after what had been a very satisfying day, despite the lack of coffee and food. I need to lose some flab anyway.

People on Fleetwood beach. This one might become a watercolour, if I can rememner the colours.

As for the film, I think it’s done very well indeed. Sharp with strong contrast and a gritty feel. I will be having some more, but I’ll also be going back to my favourite HP5.

Fleetwood ferry dock.
Fleetwood promenade with lighthouse.


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