Gallery: a stroll out with a black and white film

I’d set off to be at the Abingdon Street market‘s opening on the 27th May 2023 equipped with my digital camera for stills and video, which hopefully worked well. In my rucksack I also had my Leica CL 35mm rangefinder camera, carrying its 50mm Soviet made Jupiter lens and loaded with a 36 exposure roll of 400iso Kentmere black and white film. My intention was to stroll down the Promenade after covering the market opening.

Cedar Square into the light. Those trees are now doing well.

I did do that, but a whole load of other shots got taken as well. I hope these are the best of the three dozen. When I get my eye in, it doesn’t take me that long to get through 36 frames.

A leftover from my recent back alley study, it doesn’t seem to have a name so let’s call it Back Deansgate.

The bus got me down to town nice and early, so I had time for some quick pre-market job shots. With my market material in the can, or on the chip, I was free to range around and end up on the Promenade, which was my first plan. All this was good exercise, which I need nowadays.

The Rite Bite cafe to the left, down East Topping Street to the multi-story car park. The new civil service building will soon overshadow this.

I’ve captioned the photos, so they tell the story really. I hope you enjoy them.

Back Church Street looking east to St John’s Square and the church.
From Deansgate, across Abingdon Street with this marvellous family.
East Topping Street, showing the quality of the average local graffiti artist.
North Pier tram stop, heritage tram, the Metropole Hotel. Too good a shot to miss.
North Promenade with gazebos.
Middle Walk, north Promenade. The chap didn’t object to the photo, fortunate when you’re shooting film.
This is literally a shit shot, there is a doggy poo bag to the right of the life belt pole. Could you just not carry it a little further to one of the many bins?
A traditional North Pier shot, taken for the isolated family group in the middle. How do people choose their spots? There’s a dissertation for someone there.
The last shot of the roll and I’m back at the North Pier. I was going to wait while these people walked away, but realised they were making the composition and risked grabbing the shot. They didn’t seem to mind; you can see the chap on the left looking at me.


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