Silver Linings: Aestas jewellery

When Lewis Farley was forced to close Plant Skatepark it was a blow to local skaters. Now the documentary film maker has embarked on his next creative journey – in silversmithing. Lucy Lavery explains how he is challenging gender stereotypes and fast fashion along the way
Lewis Farley in his home studio

A documentary maker by trade, in 2020 Lewis, along with Gerald Buckfield and Shaun Nelson, opened Plant Skatepark in Blackpool after months of hard work. The skatepark brought immense joy to the local skate scene, empowering numerous young and older skaters to gain confidence and succeed on their boards.

Ultimately, without funding, the skatepark was unsustainable and although bidding farewell to Plant was sad for many local skaters, it is heartening to witness Lewis continuing to showcase Blackpool as a flourishing hub for unique and creative individuals.

Lewis’s new venture is Aestas. Named after the Latin word for summer, it’s a company he founded that involves him meticulously handcrafting and selling exquisite jewellery pieces inspired by history. Jewellery can serve as a powerful means for self-expression, reflecting an individual’s style and personality. This is evident in all of Lewis’s collections as it holds a timeless quality, transcending fleeting trends. It is important to recognise that jewellery is not confined to any specific gender, as it can be liberating for men as well.

He is committed to making high-quality, sustainable pieces that positively disrupts the menswear market today.

“I don’t like the Jewellery that is typically marketed towards men,” he says from his Blackpool-based studio. No surprise there – in a desperately transparent attempt to make jewellery macho, some online retailers even sell rings made from tanks. Instead, he is breaking barriers by experimenting with what some may claim is traditionally feminine jewellery, making it accessible to all. It’s clear Lewis is committed to making high-quality, sustainable pieces that positively disrupts the menswear market today.

But that’s not all. Lewis goes above and beyond by using his skills to give back to the community. He generously crafts unique pieces for local charity events, making a difference in people’s lives. For instance, he created a beautiful ring in loving memory of his friend Ralph Roberts, for a fundraising event called Ralph Fest, which aimed to raise money for the incredible charity, Live Like Ralph, set up in his name.

He also designed a stunning skate tool pendant for an event called Roll Forever, organised to raise funds for Counselling in the Community. Additionally, Lewis has contributed his craftsmanship by creating rings for fundraising events held by the Slag Collective. It’s truly inspiring to witness his dedication to helping these events, not only with his time but also with his love of community in Blackpool.

Lewis is a visionary who not only appreciates the beauty of antique jewellery but also dedicates his time and effort to bringing them back to life. He has a special talent for sourcing and restoring antique pieces, making them wearable again and breathing new life into these forgotten treasures. His passion for antique jewellery and sustainability is truly admirable in a world of fast-fashion designed to last for as long as the trend does.

Lewis has proven that by utilising his creative talents, his jewellery can make a profound impact on those around him. He reminds us that it’s not just about the jewellery itself, but the love and care that goes into creating unique pieces, restoring forgotten antiques and using his talents to support causes that matter.

See more of Lewis’s work on his website here.

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