Exhibition Review: Wayne Taylor – Artist With Imagination

Wayne Taylor – Artist with Imagination is an exhibition currently on display at Tea Amantes. It is a celebration of one man’s lifelong artistic journey, brought to life in his first independent show. Gallery owner Anna Paprzycka walks us through it.

Showcasing a collection of paintings spanning the past 25 years, the unveiling of Wayne Taylor’s exhibition saw art aficionados and curious passersby alike sharing their appreciation for his self-taught artistry.

“This was done about 20 years ago and is one of my favourites,” says Taylor. “Back to the nature influence. Trees are one of my passions and the reoccurring mushrooms.”

In a testament to his talent and the intrigue of his work, it took only the first two hours for seven of Wayne’s cherished paintings to find new homes. This tremendous response underscores the undeniable appeal of his creations, which have captured the hearts and minds of those who have experienced them firsthand.

“I do the backgrounds first then the painting flows from the shapes and colours in the background,” says Taylor. “Nature plays a part and ancient standing stones, circles and symbols.”

Wayne Taylor’s artistic journey is a story of passion, perseverance, and self-discovery. His love for drawing, doodling, and painting has been a constant throughout his life. However, it was around 25 years ago that he began to explore his craft in earnest. His early works saw him experimenting with oils on canvas, gradually refining his techniques and pushing the boundaries of his imagination.

“This is another that has sold and I love, but then again all of my paintings I love or if I don’t they go on the fire. The reoccurring frog is a fairly new thing but then again little creatures have always been added to a lot of my paintings.”

In recent years, Wayne has embraced the vibrant world of acrylics and acrylic pouring, opening up new avenues for his creative expression. Many of his pieces are meticulously detailed and layered, a testament to the dedication and time he invests in each artwork, with some taking up to 40 hours to complete.

“I do find social situations difficult but do enjoy meeting people who genuinely appreciate my art,” says Taylor, left. “A lot of my work is very detailed and the longer you look at it the more things you will see in them.”

The past few years have brought about a renaissance in Taylor’s artistic journey, a period that saw him flourish during the lockdowns. With time on his hands, he dedicated himself to painting almost daily. While juggling a full-time job, his commitment to his art remained unwavering.

“My partner is always there encouraging me to get my art out there for everyone to appreciate. She’s the one who has set up my social media & if it wasn’t for her encouragement you probably wouldn’t be seeing my paintings at all!”

Now, after a quarter-century of artistic exploration and growth, Taylor has decided to share his work with the world. His artistry has already left its mark on the local scene, with some of his pieces having been featured in the Grundy Gallery Open Exhibition. However, his first solo exhibition at Tea Amantes marks a significant milestone in his artistic career.

“My extended family are so supportive, here’s my sister-in-law buying my painting. I love the happiness my paintings bring to people.”

The Tea Amantes Tearoom & Gallery provides a serene and cozy backdrop for Taylor’s remarkable creations. Visitors can immerse themselves in his world of colour, imagination, and emotion until October 13, 2023. This intimate setting allows each painting to speak its own unique language and beckon viewers to embark on a visual journey through a richly diverse body of work.

“My family plays a big part with help and support. My partner, our sons and their partners all came along on the night,” says Taylor.

In the dimmed glow of the tearoom, Taylors artwork comes to life, inviting you to linger and contemplate the stories behind each brushstroke. It’s an opportunity to step into the artist’s shoes and explore the evolution of his style, from the early days of oil painting to his modern foray into acrylics.

“This painting, that sold on opening night, was actually done by my grandson. He painted this painting when he was nine years old. We love getting creative together. Usually creating fantasy monsters.”

Artist with Imagination is a testament to the enduring power of artistry and the creative spirit that resides within all of us. Taylor’s remarkable journey, marked by dedication and self-expression, also invites you to rediscover your own imagination and to embrace the beauty of art that knows no boundaries.

“I’d also just like to thank this lady, Anna from Tea Amantes, for giving me this opportunity to show you all my art. Without her and my partner Julie’s hard work it wouldn’t have happened.”

Don’t miss the chance to immerse yourself in Wayne Taylor’s world of wonder at Tea Amantes Tearoom & Gallery in Blackpool. Whether you’re a seasoned art enthusiast or just beginning to explore the world of visual creativity, this exhibition promises to be a memorable and inspiring experience.

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