Infected by Design at Sand, Sea & Spray

Today’s interview ahead of the Sand, Sea & Spray festival is with the non-stop art machine that is Infected by Design.  Infected (aka David Healy) can be found at Baseline Creative Studio alongside Lowdown, whose interview featured on 11th June.  His illustrative and highly detailed designs have mass appeal and can be found adorning skateboards, spray cans and cars as well as canvases and walls.  He featured alongside Lowdown at the Upfest urban art festival in Bristol last month and is mega busy working on collaborations and offering art workshops in town.  T-shirts featuring his designs can be bought online.

Retro ADP pieceWhy urban art?

Is THAT what we’re doing?! I’m still doodling, only bigger! Maybe it’s urban, maybe it’s not, but I’m a keep doing it til my hand stops working!

What’s your proudest achievement?

David Healy is the name my mum and dad gave me at birth, but Infected By Design is what I’ve made MYSELF into.

Which artist inspires you?

H.R Giger.  I’m still looking at his work in wonder and amazement as much today as when I first saw it!

Do you have a recurring theme?

At the minute I’m doodling triangles with eyes in them.  I think I go through phases with my work. Watch this space for my little character making a big appearance soon….

Where would you most like to spray?

I’m off to Europe in September with Baku on a spray and paste up tour, maybe we’ll find some amazing spots to throw work up on. But I’ve got a real hankering to paint a plane and Infect the skies at 30,000 feet!

Any clues about your plans for Sand, Sea and Spray 2013?

I’ve got a design worked out (something I’ve only started doing since going bigger with my work), but the real treat is the three man collaboration between myself, Catch-22 and He Dreamt Mars. It’s going to be special!

Infected Cactus Logo

Infected online:

Website: http://infectedbydesign.blogspot.co.uk/

Facebook: Infected By Design
Twitter: @Infected_Design

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