Continuing with our Sand, Sea & Spray interviews, we’ve caught up with local artist Danzig to find out what’s on his mind ahead of the festival.  Danzig is adept at creating intricate stencils, often featuring striking female characters, and spends much of his time cutting.  His Facebook page features a biography which gives a glimpse into his creative intensity:

Fueled more by the mosh pit than the hood. Danzig brings you the thoughts of his dreams, inspired by the songs of his Nordic fathers to the rattling siren of the zombie apocalypse.

And with the echoes of zombie apocalpyse sirens in our ears, let’s get to the questions.


Why urban art?

It wasn’t intentional, I just wanted to express my feelings. But I do feel urban art (open art) touches people that you would never get in a gallery or an exhibition, and that can only be a good thing.

What’s your proudest achievement?

Ask me on my death bed! But for now being part of a community and growing…

Which artist inspires you?

First and foremost has to be my father. I’ve never been taught officially but grew up with the smell of oil paint.  I love Geiger’s dark tales, the engravings of Gustave Dore and Klimt’s use of colour. On a modern level, Dale Grimshaw’s vision blows me away, as does Tankpetrol’s work and the stencil meisters Joshua Smith and Snik.

Do you have a recurring theme?

There is beauty within darkness.  I guess it takes being driven through that… but it is always there. Some see, others choose to ignore.

Where would you most like to spray?  

It’s not just spraying, but a place to create something. Hard to say but anywhere weathered by time and age I guess. The piece and the place find each other.

Any clues about your plans for Sand, Sea & Spray 2013?   

See above… and as always my piece comes from where I am at the moment, my heart… this is a solo one… that’s all I can say.


For more Danzig, check out his website or Facebook page.


Reclaim Blackpool - Mapping Sexual Harrasment
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