Gallery: Painting With Light

Christopher Verity first discovered photography when working as a property valuer. But it was at night time that his photographs really came to life.

Christopher Verity first picked up a camera in September 2016 when he worked as a property valuer for an estate agents.

“I assumed they were going to give me some formal training for capturing the best photographs of the properties I listed,” he says. “I was wrong!”

As he became self taught, Verity’s interest in photography was piqued.

“I saved up and bought my first camera in 2017, a Canon 100d, and used that for about a week until I got bored,” he says.

“In the evenings when the sun went down and it got dark the camera went away and I didn’t quite feel like there was anything interesting to shoot.”

“In the September of 2017 I somehow stumbled across the art of light painting,” says Verity.

The technique involves moving a light source while taking a long exposure photograph – allowing the subject to create an artwork within the photograph.

“This encouraged me to dig out my camera and begin to learn how to shoot with it in manual mode.”

“From here on out it started to feel like everything I shot was at night time, which was a complete reversal from six months earlier.”

“Fast forward to present day and a few pennies later and I’ve gone from estate agent to self employed photographer shooting freelance photography and floor plans for estate agents, capturing weddings and a whole host of other work.”

Follow Christopher Verity on Facebook and Instagram. See Christopher’s photos from inside the abandoned Abingdon Street Post Office here.


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