31 Days of Hallowe’en Tales: Day 29 – The Noisy Ghost of Major Longworth

A brief but fascinating tale of a haunting in St Michael’s makes our 29th Halloween tale of the month, all of them inspired by local folklore.

An investigation of the national British History archives revealed a peculiar haunting in the village of St Michael’s, Preston. There’s scant information to be found about this haunting, but it was just too interesting not to share with you.

Sir Ralph Longworth was born in 1625 and owned a long-since vanished manor house known variously as Tarnicar Hall, Turnover Hall, St Michael’s Hall or more simply as the ‘Old Hall’. Today, the only evidence that the Hall existed is in the name of the nearby Turnover Hall Farm Caravan Park.

The former commander was reluctant to give up his house – he would bang and crash around the building.

Ralph, who was 39 in 1664, was an officer in the trained band of the Lancashire militia, being appointed captain in 1672 and major on 17th June 1689. He died in his sixties and was buried in January 1694. But Ralph’s story did not end there…

The major was said to have haunted the old hall after his death. Dressed in his officer’s uniform, the former commander was reluctant to give up his house – he would bang and crash around the building and materialise outside the front door.  Eventually it was decided to exorcise noisy old Ralph. To lay his ghost the combined power of priest and parson was brought into operation. The ghost was “laid” under the bridge near the hall, with the injunction that it had to remain quiet “so long as the water flowed down the hills and the ivy remained green”.

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  • Zowie Swan is a local writer of fiction and folklaw. Her debut novel, Chingle Hall, is out now with Safety Pin Publishing. She's also bassist for Blackpool band Dischord.

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