Gallery: Defibril8 & Thursdays Fiasco 

Two bands with hugely contrasting line ups raised money for a local charity at the Waterloo Music Bar on Thursday 9th November. Jill Reidy didn’t know what she was turning up to, nor that it would be a transformative experience.

Thursday evening didn’t quite pan out as predicted. I’d been booked as photographer for a fundraising event with a local charity, and wasn’t really sure what to expect. After a somewhat difficult day I drove through persistent rain with a heavy heart and a bag full of cameras, telling myself I would only stay an hour, get the shots and head home.

What evolved was an evening of very lively rock (my watch’s warning of ‘Loud Environment’ was almost constantly displayed – although that could have had something to do with the fact that I was squashed into a corner with my ear against one of the huge speakers).

I ended up staying nearly four hours which was testament to the two amazing bands playing that night. The bands were raising money for Wyre and Fylde Community Defibrillators, that one of the bands was called Defibril8, which seemed to be a neat connection, although I was still none the wiser.

The supporting band, Thursdays Fiasco, made up of four young lads and introduced by mentor and musician, Ian Hooper, bounded onto the stage with the enthusiasm of youth, and immediately launched into a lively set of covers and original material. It was seriously impressive and soon had the younger members of the audience jumping about and dancing. My mood began to lift.

By the time the main act came on I’d been briefed about them. Apparently, the oldest member, the drummer, was 86, and the other members were all above pensionable age. Suddenly the band’s name and tagline – Shocked to be Alive – made sense.

The lead singer had a voice so strong that it was hard to believe that he too was over 80. Belting out song after song, he strutted around the stage whilst the audience went wild. The saxophonist was obviously a seasoned performer, bringing another dimension with both his playing and his solo singing. Maybe it’s my age but it took me back to watching some of the great rock bands of my youth. I took so many pictures that I had to pack my camera away after a couple of hours and just immerse myself in the music.

Two bands, transcending age, style, fashion and musical experience, both equally talented and entertaining. I left at 11pm, mood totally lifted, and drove home through the rain, belting out Jonny B Goode as loud as my old voice would let me.

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