Trevor Meaney with the Dead Good Poets at Wordpool

Ahead of his much anticipated performance at the Dead Good Poets’ event for Wordpool on Friday 5 July, altblackpool caught up with funny man and improv genius, Trevor Meaney to find out a bit more about what he does:

How would you describe what you do?

I perform high octane poems (mostly high octane), a mixture of comedy, love, social observations, politics, reality to surrealism and an obsession for chicken. Often fast and furious. Has been described as ‘high voltage’ but that personally reminds me of an Electric Six song. I do like the song. But I have to say… have you seen the video? I aim to make the audience enjoy themselves as much I enjoy what I do because all in all it’s about having good old wholesome fun.

How did you first discover performance poetry?

I kind of stumbled across it really, at a music festival. It was a big one, can’t quite remember which one- it’s all a bit blurry to be honest. I just remember watching this thing where poems were not just spoken, but expressed with such vigour, such excitement. It jumped out at me! As cheesy as it might sound, it spoke to me. I related to the genre straight away.

What is your first memory of performing?

That would have to be when I was 15. I played ‘Boris’ a Russian soldier in our school play. I spent most of the time giggling and trying to make my fellow ‘actors’ laugh whilst on stage. But as for poetry…that’ll have to be at the fantastic, one and only Spotlight in Lancaster. They allowed me an open mic slot. My eyes about 2 inches away from my hand written poem, half covering my face, hands shaking and the anticipation of the dreaded slow hand clap, if that!
How do you prepare for a performance?

It’s all very boring from an outside perspective, I think. I simply recite in front of mirrors (not public mirrors by the way), at home when I’m on my own. I often switch off and can been seen nodding when spoken to but in actual fact I’m in my own world of preparation. Especially on the day of a gig. I sometimes travel by train when performing further afield and that way I can just take it easy, sit back and memorise within my own head or even lock myself in the toilet and run through my set. Apart from that, I just do what I do normally….buy some milk from the shop, change some nappies, slag off Jeremy Kyle and think about thinking about doing something.

Which poets do you most admire, and why?

There’s loads of poets I admire. I like so many. From the acclaimed and famous to some local poets around Lancashire. Some of whom I chat to occasionally.


For a sample of what’s in store on 5 July from 6pm, visit Trevor’s website.

The Dead Good Poets are running a poetry workshop Saturday 29 June at Blackpool Central Library, from 11am to 1pm.  It is free to attend and poets both old and new are welcome.

The theme for the evening on 5 July at the No 5 Cafe is ‘On the Shoulders of Giants’.  There will be open mic spots available for anyone who would like to perform on the evening.  The theme is not compulsory.  The first half of the evening is family friendly and for the second half anything goes.  More information can be found on the Dead Good Poets’ facebook page.


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