Exhibition Review: Sara C at Tea Amantes

Now established as part of the Blackpool arts scene, the Tea Amantes gallery launched its new show on the evening of 22nd January 2024. David Simper bused it down to Blackpool town centre to check out the work of versatile collage artist Sara C.

The weather wasn’t looking too auspicious with, I think, the remains of storm Jocelyn lurking around, but I didn’t want to miss the launch of Tea Amantes’ first exhibition of 2024 and so hurried out to catch the service 61 bus to the town centre. A treat in the way of Sara C’s excellent collage artwork awaited.

Given the weather, a surprising number of people were in attendance and the Tea Amantes team was hard at work making sure that there were tea and snacks for all.

The work is bright and just what is needed to cheer up these remaining long, post-solstice nights. Originally I thought that I was looking at very finely wrought drawing and painting, but in fact the work is based on an entirely different approach. It is semi, sometimes quite, abstract, but extremely carefully composed to generate an image. Twelve of the pictures were interpretations of the zodiac signs and I was on the look out for mine. There was also a strong Blackpool theme, with the perhaps inevitable Tower reference.

Sara C is clearly a versatile and multidisciplinary artist. She likes to work in portrait, collage, acrylic painting and is also an enthusiastic photographer. Sara’s work encompasses her explorations along South Shore and her childhood recollections. Her diverse work can be surreal and embraces the picturesque seaside of Blackpool and her home town Spain.

“All of these pieces are collage, made with paper and scissors. I try to find just the right images that I want to use,” said Sara. “I try to use pieces from Blackpool, when I go on my walks โ€“ I live here and I like to show that. If I can’t find just the right thing, I will go to the internet, making sure I’m not infringing copyright.

“My inspiration mostly has to do with my memories. I am very drawn to colour โ€“ I can wake up one morning and say I feel so yellow, or pink, today and I need to do something with those colours,” she says.

“The horoscope series is the first part of my college project, which will be completed with tarot cards. We students were given freedom to choose a subject, so I decided on this, which I grew up with as a kid. I am really happy with the outcome so far and that I will complete my course. I like to think that I have a plan.”

So on that note, what does the future hold?

“The future is to finish my course this year and then do a post graduate so I can teach. Fingers crossed I might be able to stay at Blackpool and The Fylde College as I really like it as a place. The people there have given me a lot of help. I would also like to remain living here.”

All best wishes to Sara as she finishes her studies and moves forward into the next phase. I will be looking forward to seeing those tarot cards, which I like although I can’t read them.

The exhibition will be displayed in the Tea Amantes cafe and gallery until the 4th March 2024. I thoroughly recommend that you view this exhibition and there’s a whole world of tea and other refreshments available while you do.

Following the recent timetable revision, there aren’t so many buses, so finding one due (service 6) I hurtled down Albert Road to catch it, perhaps leaving a little earlier than I might have otherwise. Still, a thoroughly pleasant evening as ever, with lovely people and lovely art.


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