Wordpool: Tiny Worlds Family Day

Thankfully, the sun shone in glorious fashion on 6 July in Stanley Park.  The weather, however, was not the only thing attracting the many families that visited the park on Saturday; Wordpool‘s family day this year centred around the theme of tiny worlds, and giant worlds for that matter. From James’ giant peach to Alice in a Spin there were plenty of different areas and tiny worlds for children and families to explore.wordpool

There were giant peaches hanging delectably from the various trees surrounding the first tiny world that I visited. James and the Giant Peach was the theme for this first world, presented by the Grand Theatre. Tucked away beside Stanley Park’s Art Deco cafe was a world of crafts and delicious treats. On entering I was greeted by a ukulele-playing worm and a flamenco-dancing ladybug, they provided the first smiles that quickly emanated from the faces of small children and adults alike. Once inside the cosy instillation there was plenty to do including fairy wing decoration using glitter and, of course, imagination. Alternatively, participants could take the ladybug trail. Finally they could try one of the juicy peaches that would be sure to refresh on what was a very hot day.

Just beside the glistening lake and a short walk away from  James’  peach were several other captivating activities and tiny worlds for people to enjoy. A giant bubble blowing dragon sat in the centre of Stanley Park.  The lever on the dragon’s stomach caused it to play charming music, bob its head and blow bubbles across the bustling park. Just a hop, skip and a jump away you could find beautifully crafted origami birds. However, if you turned only for a second you could spot two giant birds and their ungainly keeper. These bird themed delights were quirky examples of the variety of things available at Wordpool’s family event this year, which entertained families with ease.wordpool crowd

At the other side of the park there were still many tiny worlds that I had not yet discovered.  As I came closer to the hub of activity I found the humorous and charming Wizard of Oz scarecrows hiding in the sparse area of trees by the entrance to Stanley Park: Dorothy, Tin Man, Scarecrow and Lion. The Tin Man stood still and calm as children, and some adults, banged on his echo chamber of a chest. The Wizard of Oz theme continued with an intimate and wonderful puppet show based around the beloved story, by puppeteer Vanessa Card.  Children were curious as they approached the small viewing box and witnessed the fun two minute show. Surrounding the puppet show were the many tiny worlds in picnic baskets and shoe boxes made by local children and teachers.

The gorgeous Rose Garden was host to Alice in a Spin by Ludus Dance Company, an entertaining tour through the whimsical world of Lewis Carroll’s  most loved character. The great thing about Alice in a Spin was the relaxed atmosphere.  If you wanted to get stuck in and sing the unbirthday song then that was fine, or you could just enjoy watching the show on the periphery.

I wondered if it might have been helpful if each tiny world had their own supply of maps, not just at the visitor’s centre. Wordpool’s Tiny Worlds Family Day in Stanley Park was a positive event and between one and four, Stanley Park was a hub of activity. As I travelled through the large gates of the park, the sun set on another Wordpool event and my time in the rabbit hole was up.

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