As part of our series bringing you poetry about Blackpool and written by Blackpool poets, queer non-binary poet Taylor Jai, AKA The Blackpool Bard, shares a missive about young people rising up to show older generations that they are the future. “I imagine it being like a distorted Teletubby revolution,” they say. “I can imagine an army of Teletubbies marching on Downing Street, with tanks and tomahawks, AK-47’s and Glitter Bombs! Total Queer Insane Carnage!”
The Teletubbies Have Tomahawks
The Blackpool Bard

In Teletubby Land, where the sun once did gleam,
Now tomahawks glisten, like part of a dream.
In a world upside-down, where the loud voices shout,
The Teletubbies march, casting shadows of doubt.

Their colours, once symbols of innocent delight,
Now march in the streets, it’s a menacing sight.
With costumes still bright but purpose now clear,
Their tomahawks raised high, invoking fear.

Across this wide land, their voices do swell,
A chorus of anger, a resonant bell.
They’re tired of the promises, broken and cold,
From the leaders in power, too blind or too bold.

This nation’s heartbeat now echoes with rage,
As young souls step up, a new war they now wage.
No longer naive to the lies they’ve been fed,
They challenge, they question, they forge paths ahead.

Po, with her tomahawk, no laughter remains,
Tinky Winky and Dipsy break free of their chains.
The government quivers, in shock and dismay,
As Laa-Laa spins her weapon, the skies are turning grey.

Their demands are profound, yet laced with a jest,
To soften the blow, to weaken protest.
Each step that they take, their frustration unfurls,
Turning the darkness to light in this topsy-turvy world.

Still beneath all their anger, a flicker of hope,
For unity, justice, and a broader scope.
They challenge the power, they question the past,
With tomahawks raised high, their words they do cast.

Through verses and phrases, the truth is laid bare,
Revealing the scars that the world must repair.
So march on, Teletubbies, with strength and with grace,
Your rebellion’s a spark in this darkened place.

May your voices be heard, as you stand tall and proud,
And bring change to a world that needs it right now.

Taylor Jai AKA TheBlackpoolBard is a queer and non-binary creative who was born and raised in Blackpool. Their work focusses on a wide variety of topics such as identity, relationships, mental health, trauma, humanity and more. Each piece they create comes from a place of insanity and beauty, allowing them to twist ideas and feelings into something new and eclectic. Taylor has also recently published a book; Abstract Connections: Volume One, which is a collection of five short stories about LGBTQIA+ Individuals living their lives and experiencing a wide range of emotions and overcoming their own personal boundaries.

Reclaim Blackpool - Mapping Sexual Harrasment
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