Interview: Sean Payne talks Doctor Who

Blackpool Library Service is running a host of events celebrating all things WHO. Local artist Sean Payne has been instrumental in putting together an exciting programme of activities and events throughout November. Clancy Mason asks Sean what it’s all about.

CM: How did you first get into Doctor Who?

SP: My first Doctor Who memory is of the Giant Robot chasing Sarah Jane Smith. It was also the first thing I ever saw on TV.  My mum bought our first TV the week that Tom Baker took over from Jon Pertwee. The mix of giant robots and long-scarved madmen just blew my five year old mind and it seemed to never recover.

CM:  Do you have a favourite Doctor and, if so, why?

SP:  Ah the age old Whovian question. I always say whichever one I am watching at the time. Really though, I love Tom Baker for his lunatic, set free in a crazy universe.  I adore Jon Pertwee for his touching human side and the majority of his stories being set on 1970s Earth. Then again, I was always charmed by Patrick Troughton’s cosmic hobo Doctor… Aaaargh!

CM: What are you most looking forward to as the 50th anniversary approaches?

SP:  It has to be the sheer spectacle of a full universe of Daleks at war with the Timelords, plus the 50th anniversary episode has Zygons in! I love those Zygons.

CM: Why do you think Who has had a huge surge in recent years?

SP: Doctor Who fills a need in the child in all of us to be totally unrestricted, to travel anywhere and anywhere, to see monsters both good and bad, to be exceptional and heroic but noble and kind at the same time. Doctor Who ticks all those boxes in the hidden joyful part of our brains that takes you back to a childhood time of scary thrills and sofa hiding with a big dopey grin on your face, and we all need that from time to time.

CM: Tell us about your involvement in Doctor Who month at the library?

SP: It’s been a great time so far. I have really enjoyed the opportunity to bring a little bit of the Whoniverse into Blackpool. We have had monsters invading the library created by the young monster-makers.  Some of the monsters the kids invented from their imaginations were fantastic, if not a little scary! With Dalek Movie Mayhem and other events still ahead, November is shaping up to be a spectacular!

CM:  What can we expect at the Doctor Who evening?

SP:  An evening that will firmly tie Doctor Who to Blackpool. All the references, appearances of The Doctor that have happened here and those that almost did, plus an insight into the mind of the often bizarre and surreal world of the Doctor Who fan. Ian Taylor will entertain and charm us with the many odd things that occur when Doctor Who becomes a part of your life and somebody, however well meaning, gives you a video camera. With a special ‘after hours’ visit to the Doctor Who section of the Grundy Gallery’s Collection Show it’s going to be an evening of Whovian fun!


Sean is running a Dalek Movie Mayhem stop animation workshop on Saturday 16 November, 1-3pm at Central Library (fully booked).

There are still places available for the Doctor Who Evening on Friday 22 November, 7-8.30pm. This is a free event and is aimed at older teens and adults. Booking is essential.  Ring 478080 or pop into Central Library to book your place.

There are a range of Doctor Who themed activity craft sheets available at all Blackpool Libraries as well as an opportunity to enter a prize draw on completion of a Doctor Who Quiz.

For more information contact Clancy Mason, Reader Development Manager: [email protected] or 478091.

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