Rhythm of the Dance – 15th Anniversary Tour

This show has been performed to an audience of over five million worldwide and has had huge success in 59 countries. Sitting in the audience, it was most evident why. The story began in Ireland, which was portrayed through a backdrop of projected images cast onto a Celtic-themed stage of oranges, greens and whites. The scene was set with old photographs of Ireland and Irish families.

The Potato Famine in Ireland around the 1840s signalled the emigration of millions to move to America. The story of a 15 year old girl’s journey was introduced by the sight of Ellis Island and The Statue of Liberty.  She was one of many who hoped to find a better life in America. And so her tale was told through dance.

The stage was humbly owned by a small orchestra of flute, violin, guitar, drum, the Irish accordion (melodeon) and, in grand Irish tradition, the toe-tapping dance began. The clickety clack of the dance shoes beat out rhythms of traditional Irish songs. The theatre erupted with joy as the dancers, skimmed and glided across the stage with elegance. A large group of teenage girls, who were seated in the stalls, showed their appreciation for the dancers, with screams and absolute devotion as the dancers performed their high kicks, “twiddles”, taps and other complicated rhythmic moves.

The energy of the performers was quite something, with smiles all through from the cast, who enjoyed the performance as much as the onlookers. At the break, the teenage girls were introduced to the dancers, outside Matcham’s Bar, where they went wild with more screams of delight, as photographs and autographs were taken.

The second half began with a rhythmic ribbon dance followed by a broom dance, both of which were remarkable in their skill and the obvious dedication of the performers. The Young Irish Tenors sang Molly Malone and Leaving Liverpool which helped to narrate the story of the Irish immigrants making their journey to New York City in 1928. The Irish story was continued with the American Jazz era, portrayed on the stage by the Charleston dance. This was again received by the audience with great adulation. More energetic dance ruled the stage with solo and group choreographed dances. By this stage the audience and dancers were warmed up and the atmosphere was thrilling.

If you haven’t seen this show yet then you really are missing out. Rhythm of the Dance, is most spectacular, I cannot rate it enough.  Rhythm of the Dance moves on to Russia next and then on to mainland Europe.  The next time they’re in town – I’d recommend buying tickets for this rhythmic dance extravaganza.

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