World Championship Fireworks – Canada

On 19 September, once the tide was in and welling gently, the evening had a dusky warmth as the sun had already set over Blackpool and the build up to Canada’s entry for the World Championship Fireworks began. Blackpool Tower was lit in red, with hints of white, and was sympathetic to the colours of Canada’s Maple Leaf national flag. Hundreds of folk were already gathered as I arrived, and had picked their viewing positions. Vendors selling all sorts of glowing sticks, ‘lightsabers’, and whirly things attracted even more trade.  Many were wearing punkish Mohican style shining headwear, which glowed pink.
Rock FM were playing the warm up songs and the atmosphere was excited. It was a hazy September evening, and a steady stream of flashing blue lights outlined the theatre on North Pier as I gazed toward the horizon, waiting. More vendors attracted the attention of eager children and a few solitary clouds remained in the twilight. And then the first flashes of light exploded in the sky as the fireworks started.
They reached high in the sky as their reflections rippled on the calm tide below. Crackling pink stars made their appearance as red, silver and green showers cascaded downward, then multi coloured fairy lights decorated the sky like a rainbow as the song, Best Day Of My Life beat out.
The fireworks were now in full swing and an abundance of jewelled lights crackled and popped away on this balmy evening. Some of the fireworks were reminiscent of the Art Nouveau style in their delicacy as silver white fountains on North Pier prepared for the falling stars from a more criss-cross type of flash while the song The Team, by Lorde,  played slowly.
Smoke lingered in the air, producing a web like effect, which created a backdrop for the illuminated fireworks. Ed Sheeran’s Sing got the crowd going even more as whirls, pops and bangs became louder and more dominant (and at this point the show was reminiscent, for me, of the Whistler’s Fireworks series). Rings of red dots showed the master class firework display of Canada to its full potential, then the place erupted into the most celebratory action packed explosive finale yet. The Katy Perry song Roar belted out as the stuttering sound of fireworks filled the colourful sky. In the words of the Rock FM presenter, it was “just OMG”.  A funfilled and well received performance.
Next week it is with delight that Blackpool will be hosting the UK’s entry by Titanium Fireworks.  The display begins at around 8.30pm.
Images by Chris Beard.
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