Showing Love For Ruth And Her Letters

I met Ruth at a local gathering where she told some quips and made me laugh easily. As a comedic women it is often a “mans world” so I got to know her a bit more and her upcoming project involving “lost love letters”.

Q. Who are you and what is your background? I am a musician, comedian, cabaret performer, writer and theatre practitioner.

I have been working withing the arts for fifteen years. Starting out in a theatre company called DNA in Blackpool in 2001 and since then have toured with other companies, written for corporate clients, performed at Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre, The National Theatre London and created many weird and wonderful things. I have also performed stand up Comedy along side comedians like Sarah Millican in venues such as The Comedy Store and the Stand. It has been a varied career so far, never a dull moment. From puppetry, to street art, to stand up comedy and drag, to even running a company myself, it’s all been fun, and I plan to continue.

Q.What is your current performance and “stand up” concerned with?

I am  working on a show about love and how a place can shape your life experiences and therefore you as a person. It is called Love Letters From Blackpool and is about looking at Blackpool and the people in it, whether they be residents or just fleeting visitors. The show will also be based on my experience of love and Blackpool

Q. Where do you get your influences from?

A lot of my shows to date have been about identity and how we can feel comfortable in our own skin. My show, Ruth E. Cockburn Doesn’t Even Smoke, focused on the things we do to fit in. This was influenced somewhat by the work I had done with young people and seeing how image had taken over and the pressures that they face to fit in among all this new technology.

I also talk a lot about family. Mine is very odd. As I imagine most peoples are. The best people are.

Love Letter From Blackpool will be a comedy theatre show with dance, music, poetry and storytelling in it. The first preview will be early next year.

Q. How did you decide to work with peoples stories about falling in love?

I love Blackpool and when I was living and working elsewhere I found myself defending the place more and more. Having grown up in a B&B I know that there was so much love in Blackpool. So many people met here. So many families were made here. So many people that berate Blackpool might not have even been born if it wasn’t for a cheeky wink and a bag of chips on the pier. I think romance is over rated, but I think Blackpool has it’s own history and romance and that needs to be cherished

Q. What has been the best story you have heard so far?

Too rude to say here, but funny. You’ll have to come to the show to find out!

One lady did tell me that Hitler loved Blackpool. That’s my favourite crazy fact so far.

Q. Whats next for you?

I hope to take Love Letters From Blackpool on tour, alongside all the other performance work I do with artists such as, Anna Phylactic and Jonathan Mayor. I will also be promoting the work I do with Bespoke Theatre (www.bespoketheatre.co.uk) among other things. For updates visit www.ruthecockburn.co.uk.

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