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Ben Marshall 1
Ben Marshall (aka DJ Marshall) is a DJ and music producer from Blackpool.  Keywords: hip hop, trance, house, jazz, bass funk.  He has featured on the BBC and alongside Little Boots and DJ Fresh.  His skills are in demand across the UK and on the continent.  Did I mention he has an EP out?  Somehow, in his manic schedule, he managed to find the time to answer some ridiculous questions for altblackpool.
Vicky Ellis:  Fight or flight?

Ben Marshall: Flight to Ibiza please or a hot sunny beach!

VE:   Tell me about your childhood.

BM: I was born in Milton Keynes which is north of London. It’s a brand new city which was designed by Americans, so it was strange growing up there but cool at the same time. I enjoyed school as a child. When I went to secondary school I permanently had ear phones in my ears with music on 24/7. Music was my escape and always made me feel amazing . I was good at art and creative stuff but poor at maths and science. I did well in English which came as a shock for me. Overall I made some really cool friends, some of which I still keep in contact with today and I enjoyed my childhood. I broke my leg on a quad bike aged 16! But that’s another story. My advice to the readers, quad bikes are dangerous. Stay off them! Ha ha!Ben Marshall 2

VE:  “I think trance music is the only music you can listen to without taking drugs. You can really feel the emotions in it. You can get on another level without the drugs.” (Tiesto) Please discuss.

BM: I agree that with trance music ‘you can really feel emotions in it’ and that you ‘can get on another level without the drugs’ because when I first started out DJ’ing i played trance and used to spend a lot of time searching for and buying trance vinyl .Therefore I understand and have felt the emotion that epic trance tracks create. When combined in a seamless mix, it can really uplift your body, mind and soul. I disagree, however, that it’s the ‘only music you can listen to without taking drugs’. I don’t take drugs and I listen to a wide range of music and still feel emotions within certain types, whether it’s house, piano or hip hop. I play uplifting drum and bass music which has elements of trance breakdowns and epic chords and feel good baselines.

VE:   “Making someone feel good is the main intention of DJ’ing.” (Paul van Dyk) How does it feel to share the joy?

BM: Making people feel good is such an ecstatic feeling! It’s an overwhelming feeling of happiness! I think this is why most DJs DJ! Seeing the smiles on people’s faces when they grab your hand and dance away.  It is wonderful to watch and it makes you feel like you’re doing your job right.

VE:  Owl or lark?

BM: Owl

VE:   Town or country?

BM: Manchester. Italy and of course I have a love/hate relationship with sunny Blackpool!

VE:   This question represents a pause into which you may raise any topic you choose. Or not.

BM: My topic of choice would be free downloading of music.

We now live in a world where a high percentage of people download their music for free. Things are changing. HMV is on its way out and I’m sad to say that most CD and vinyl shops may be closing in the near future. We live in a world now where the internet is very powerful. People can listen to your music worldwide with a click of a button which is a beautiful thing. Ultimately, for the artist, this can be good exposure. My argument however, is if you can afford a Starbucks coffee or a pint of beer at your local pub then why can’t you afford 99p per track download on iTunes? If you really like the artist, then support them. They have to make a living.

VE: Inspire me.

BM: Never give up on your dreams. If you want something, find a way to get it! Don’t be realistic.  Nothing is realistic .

Thanks for reading.

Ben Marshall 3

DJ Marshall’s music can be found on iTunes, Soundcloud and Youtube.  You can follow him on Facebook or Twitter.

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  • Aaron

    Hey guys, I’m Aaron Mello from DNBB Recordings.

    In the “DNBB Recordings,” we are very happy with the work that DJ Marshall is doing in these last months is a very smart guy and dedicated, visionary and astute, can put all feeling and love in their music.

    We hope to have him for our upcoming releases.

    Hugs and congratulations once again!

    Cheers from Brazil.

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