Pogonophile’s paradise – Beard and Moustache Championship – 18th August 2018

It’s a pogonophile’s paradise at Blackpool’s glorious Winter Gardens as the bearded and moustachioed descend on Blackpool for the 4th annual Beard and Moustache Championship. Held in the Empress Ballroom, this event is the apogee of facial tonsorial creativity and the most wild and whacky beards and moustaches will be on display. The charitable event is fully inclusive being gender neutral, it welcomes any nationality, sexuality, creed or clan irrespective of how participants identify. Some might say that this event could only happen in Blackpool and let’s hope it stays that way. Welcome bearded folk, welcome!

I wouldn’t say that razors will be banned as they will be needed to shape some of these creations, but I suspect there might be a preponderance of the good old straight razor. As a double-edge shaver, am I a heretic? I note that a male grooming company is presenting the event. There will be stalls to check out if you need to stock up your facial hair care (shaving) cabinet.

There are twenty one categories in this pogonophile’s paradise including: handmade ie. fake moustaches made from anything except hair; moustaches including English and handlebar; beard including musketeer and Amish/whaler. It has to be worth a visit just to find out what some of these are. Registration is open, so if you’re proud of your facial fuzz why not give it a go? All competitors will receive a goody bag, contents to be determined but probably including product samples.

And the locally based beard related fun need not stop here. This event is hosted by local pogonophile group The Sandgrown Beardsmen, who look like a bundle of fun.

So if you’re looking for something completely different, and if you want to take your beard to town, it’s the Winter Gardens for you on the 18th August 2018. If you’re visiting, don’t forget the other Blackpool attractions while you’re here. Hopefully this event will set Blackpool up for a whiskery return in 2019. It’s Blackpool by more than a hair’s breadth.



  • I have worked in the housing and transport professions for several local authorities, specialising in policy, strategy preparation and bid writing. Having always had an interest in film, the visual arts in general, theatre, music and lterature, I thought it would be good to combine the writing experience with these interests to contribute to altBlackpool. In addition to writing, my hobbies include watercolour and pastel painting, photography, woodwork, cycling and vegetable gardening.

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