Bomi is a delicious feast of fun for the eyes and ears

Linda Hampton meets South Korean artist and singer, Bomi, who now resides on the Fylde Coast and has recently launched a surreal and mouth watering cooking show.

Blackpool’s population is cosmopolitan to say the least. It’s a tasty stir fry of Sandgrownians (people born here), and visitors from UK and  worldwide, who came for a taste and stayed forever, especially  those in the creative arts.  Colourful and vibrant artist and singer Bomi, is from South Korea, and is now a member of Blackpool based, cross cultural band “Tirikilatops. She adds a little extra spice to our town, especially with her crazy and scrumptious internet cooking show.

She told us how she came to be in Blackpool.

“My background is in visual, community and performance art. I studied and taught at Chugye Art University, Seoul. I first came to Blackpool ten years ago via funding from Ilhyeon Art gallery (일현미술관), Seoul to make collaborative work with people of different cultures whilst travelling in the EU. That led me to meeting many different artists. I now collaborate with two of those artists under the banner of Tirikilatops. I also produce illustration, comics, graphic design and make all the costumes for the band under the guise of Bom Carrot.”

Bom Carrot style botanical garden

Bom Carrot style car boot sale

Bom Carrot style pub










Bomi’s artistic influences are her travels, nature, Korean and UK culture and the differences between them, surrealism and dada. In her own words, she leans towards seeing the oddness in the everyday and the ridiculousness of just actually existing and the fact that the human race is very serious for the most part but doesn’t even know why it exists. “I find this quite hilarious and use it in my lyrics.”

Bomi ‘s fantastically flamboyant costumes spring from charity shops and car boot ‘finds’, like stuffed toys, taken apart and refashioned into something new, her style being heavily inspired by Jeong Tae Won, her grandmother, who dressed brightly and crazily, reflecting her zest for life.

Like many people, Bomi and the band found work came to a halt this year but recording and making music videos have kept them busy and we can look forward to seeing them ‘live’ again when the world is new.

Meanwhile, Bomi has her own show on YouTube called Bom Carrot where she cooks authentic South Korean dishes full of crazy personality and fun. You can watch selected episodes now but the big news is that her yummy offerings have now been taken up by Eternal Family TV, a subscription channel, and for a few dollars a month you can have ‘all you can eat’ of Bomi’s appetising episodes.

Bom Carrot TV

And that, ladies and gentlemen, should be prescribed by medical professionals as an antidote to stress and anxiety. It is full of fun, surreal silliness, charm, startlingly bright costumes, delightful art work and great recipes. Everyone needs to watch it. Well that’s just my opinion, but don’t take my word for it. The proof of the pudding and all that.  It’s a tonic, a feast for the eyes, an essential ingredient for wellbeing. We all need a slice Bomi in our lives.

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