Anchorshound Dog Park is Wooferly

Anchorshound Dog Park

There is a little space in North Blackpool just opened up for puppy enthusiasts and doggie fans. Blackpool Social Club found out more.

What makes Anchrohound Park so special?

Anchorshound Park, based at Anchorsholme Park right next to the beach, is an inclusive space for all dogs (and their human companions!)  We are really still very ‘new’, with our first dog walk on the 25th August, but have had loads of dogs get involved with us. We welcome everyone along with their dogs, and have a mix of puppies learning to socialise, previously attacked dogs coming to our group learning to gain confidence, and those just coming down for a runaround and a play.

What does a day in the life at the park look like?

With the dog walks, we are also a support group for physical and mental health and wellbeing (for both humans and dogs!) working with the Friends of Anchorsholme Park Group and local councilor Paul Galley.

Can you tell us a bit about the dogs (and their humans) who come to your meet-ups?

 At the minute, we’re doing group dog walks every day at 10.30ish and 6.30ish in the evenings- We walk a couple of laps around the park, the dogs have a run around and a play – cause chaos by jumping in the pond, but really just enjoying themselves and getting to socialise as part of a ‘pack’.  The morning ones end with a sit-down and brew, at well Brew, the cafe, and a few treats for the dogs. 

You must meet lots of mischievous dogs from day to day, what sort of funny things do they get up to at the park?

We get a proper mix of people and dogs that join in. We’ve got all kinds of breeds, ranging from a giant Newfoundland, Luca, a Romanian rescue dog, Angus, Jasper who’s an autism-assistance dog, an obese pugalier Honey, that chases everyone down for treats, right down to the tiniest teacup chihuahua called Joey. 

Most of the dogs are happy to playoff lead, but we’re respectful of those dogs who aren’t as keen and make sure not to invade their space if they’re also using the park. 

People wise- we’ve also got a brilliant range of people – we’ve got skinheads with head tattoos, pensioners, retirees bringing their baby grandchildren, parents with kids, people who live alone at home with their dog, people with mobility issues, those working from home needing a break, dog trainers bringing their clients along, and dog walkers joining us…on their days off! 

There are a few cheeky ones, often it’s my own dog, Honey who’s an absolute horror for everyone’s treats – she even sneaks into the cafe Brew, while we are passing with the group. We have Willow, our ‘ringleader’ who gets them jumping into the pond, there’s Bella, our little ‘socialite’ Shih Tzu, when not with us at the park she’s out and about visiting places on the coast, Molly, who’s gaining confidence with the group, we also have Buddy the Boston, learning to socialise with all the other dogs, Chloe, our chilled out Staffy…you know, I could go on all day- they all have their own brilliant little personalities. 


This year you took part in the Big Dog Walk, how did that go? 

The Big Dog Walk was brilliant – we hoped to raise £100 for the Dogs Trust…and managed to get that before the end of the first day! In the end, we managed to double the target with all the extra bits from gift aid- we can’t thank people enough for being so generous. 

Do you get any support from doggy-focused businesses?

We’ve had a lot of support already from companies such as Get Your Hound Inn, Lucky Dog Deli, and Claws and Paws Pet Supplies in Thornton, who have helped us out with treats for the dogs on the Big Dog Walk. We’re now also incredibly lucky to be sponsored by Webbox!

What would you say are the top three benefits of owning a dog?

Having a Little bezzie mate. Get your feet kept warm. Never have to worry about scraping a plate before it goes into the dishwasher.  

Advice for first-time dog owners? 

Rip up the carpets?

What are your plans for the future?

Looking to do a few activities and events with the dogs when things start to settle down Covid-19 wise – we have a couple of things planned for Halloween and Christmas, but not too sure how all that will work out with the new regulations/guidelines. Ooh, we have an ‘Anchorshound of the Month’ competition! Just enter in a photo of your dog at the park with a few details and what they like about Anchorshound, to be put into a draw to win a few boss prizes!

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