Eaglefest – Showcasing the best of youth live music

LucasClaire has recently been speaking to and photographing some “very cool” people who are helping to promote local, young bands. These bands are under age so cannot play pubs, but, according to Claire, they are more than good enough to be showcased and heard. She says, “There is a lot to be said for whipper-snappers who are under 18, but can play guitars, drums or sing live this well and to an audience! Wasn’t it Oscar Wilde that once said, ‘youth is wasted on the young’, well, not where Eaglefest is concerned”.

Claire caught up with Ian, one of the Eaglefest organisers to find out more:

Claire- “What is Eaglefest”?

Ian- “Eaglefest is a local ‘battle of the bands’ music festival, held in Cleveleys to raise money for local Fylde coast charities”.

Claire- “Where did the idea come from”?

Ian- “The idea originated from my 10 year old son Lucas who wanted to raise money for his guitar teacher who passed away from cancer”.

Claire- “How do bands get involved”?

Ian- “At first bands were shortlisted because they were known to Phil Roberts (Lucas’s guitar teacher). Today more are shortlisted because they ask to play. We look on YouTube and request video posts to our website and Facebook page and, if they can play, they are part of it”.

Claire- “What are Eaglefest’s aspirations”?

Ian- “To raise as much money for local charities as possible, to let young performers have the chance to play in front of an audience and for the local people to have a good time too”.

Claire- “What can we expect of Eaglefest in the future”?

Ian- “More opportunities to play live music, we want to try to give the kids a chance of getting known and to start their fan base around the Fylde, young, local talent is what it is all about. There is plenty of it around, they are the future of our music scene and we want to make Eaglefest bigger and better each year”.

Claire- “When and where is the final of Eaglefest to be held”?

Ian- “It’s the 18th April 2013, at Blackpool sixth form college, 7:00pm-10:00pm. The line up is: Jekyll , The Solid States, The People Belvadere and The Keys”.

More information can be found at Eaglefest’s Facebook Page and Web Site, www.eaglefest.co.uk or email [email protected] .

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    Blackpool based self-confessed music fanatic involved in the local music scene around the Fylde and particularly passionate about promoting and assisting new upcoming bands and artists breaking through.

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  • Ian Fletcher

    Really nice article Claire, thank you very much 🙂 and thank you for spending your own time at every heat and the final to catch some great photos of all the bands

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