Spoken word artist Anthony Briscoe joined the line up of New Stars of Poetry this weekend at The Old Electric theatre. Briscoe performed alongside Amina Atiq – a Yemeni-Scouse poet, performance artist, creative practitioner and award-winning community activist – and T.M/O – a Leed’s based poet who focuses on connection and exploration of the hypocrises we sit with and fights for us all to express ourselves more.

Blackpool-born Briscoe delivered a set touching on topics including conformity, nostalgia, mental health and society expectations. The poems explored the different roles people have to take in order work within society and the pressure that comes with it.

For anyone who missed it, he shares one of them here and you can read our interview with him from 2020 here. Check out what else is going on at the Old Electric and elsewhere this month in our listings.


Dad Jokes

Loved and hated by millions
Apparently invented by blokes
This is just a load of dad jokes

Did you ever hear what happened at the German Zoo?
They had a lot of unwanted penguins and they didn’t know what to do
So they rounded them all up and threw them into the lions feeding trough
The frenzy went on for hours until they could get the wrappers off

Loved and hated by millions
Apparently invented by blokes
This is just a load of dad jokes

Two dogs go out drinking all sorts of alcoholic stuff
The next day one says to the other how are you feeling?
The other replies rough

A cheese factory exploded in France
There was nothing left but de Brie.
I threw away my boomerang why did I need it?
Then, it hit me

I went to the restaurant on the moon
Great food, great beer
I didn’t stay though as it had no atmosphere
I went to a wedding it was so beautiful …
Even the cake was in tiers.

I got let go the other day from my job as a human cannonball – I was fired
Why couldn’t the bike stand up on its own?
It was two tyred

Horse walks into a bar the owner asks why the long face?
The horse replies that he just sued an airline company after it lost his luggage.
Sadly, he lost his case.

I threw out all my unused pots of spices it a waste of thyme
Invited a mushroom to my party Because he is a fungi
I’m only friends with 25 letters of the alphabet. I don’t know Y.
When I saw I had grey hairs in my hair and beard I thought Im gonna dye
If your worried that’s a joke at the expense of getting old
I have a boring life, I work in a paper factory where my responsibilities are twofold

I robbed one calendar from a calendar shop
Wasn’t one of my cleverest stunts
Security grabbed me, I got arrested
I only got 12 months

Police had trouble at the local nursery a 2 year old was resisting a rest
A serial killer pirate was mistaken for a surgeon they only found out when he dug up a chest
They brought in an investigator turns out it was just an alligator in a vest

Look Dad jokes arnt easy Im trying my best

I wrote a song about a tortilla. Well actually, it was more of a wrap.
I got asked to put the cat out, I had no idea someone had set fire to the cat
Loved and hated by millions
Apparently invented by blokes
This is just a load of dad jokes

These jokes are all awful
But they are also quite shareable
This poem like the jokes are all here written on paper
So its fair to say like paper they are all totally tearable

Reclaim Blackpool - Mapping Sexual Harrasment
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