Inktober: my month of drawing

I wrote about the Inktober event in 2021 and wondered if anyone else had taken part. The seasons seem to swing round ever faster and the 2022 event was soon upon me. Did anyone else take part this time? To clarify what this is all about, the challenge is to produce an ink drawing to a given prompt for each day of October. The prompts are published quite well in advance, so there’s time for a little planning.

This year’s personal innovation has been more colour with the use of artist’s marker pens. These mean taking more time to produce a piece, which is challenging when working full time and cooking for the family, etc, so not all pieces are in colour. This gives the opportunity to see whether people prefer colour to black and white, but both the most and least popular pieces submitted to the challenge are in black and white. Perhaps it’s the idea that people are mainly interested in. Some of these pieces were done sat up in bed while fighting off sleep, so it’s not surprising they may be a little rough.

The grading is based on Instagram and Facebook likes added together and then sorted. I’ve used a spreadsheet for this – dead professional. This has given a top six, but note that the top two – Eagle and Forget – are tied on 41 likes, one being colour, the other black and white. At the other end, Scrape and Heist are tied on 25 likes each. My lowest was 18 like for one titled Uh oh (what’s wrong with my cats and mice?).

So, in descending order, here are some of my Inktober submissions.

Eagle – 41 likes, black and white
Forget – 41 likes, full colour
Bouquet – 40 likes, full colour
Crabby – 39 likes, black and white
Nest – 38 likes, full colour
Empty – 37 likes, black and white

And for balance, here are David’s bottom six Inktober entries for 2022.

Scrape – 25 likes, full colour
Heist – 25 likes, part colour
Gargoyle – 23 likes, full colour
Bat – 22 likes, black and white
Gear – 21 likes, black and white
Uh oh – 18 likes, black and white

If perchance you want to see all my thirty one Inktober 2022 submissions, my instagram is watercolourdave56. No need to rush!

There seemed to be a few commercialisation issues around Inktober last year, so I did look at other options. None seemed to come through, so it was back to Inktober for another year and I’ll probably do it next year as well. This is good to do, but it does take energy and one feels a little washed out by the end, or at least this one did. I hope you enjoy this little selection of images.


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