Video: Coronation heritage tram parade

Nipping down to video the heritage tram parade was my concession to the Coronation events on Sunday 7th May, which otherwise have rather passed me by. Well anyway, I like trams, so I caught the service 6 bus, so that I could watch some go by. Here’s my video, which I hope you enjoy.

I disembarked at New Bonny Street and walked south down the Promenade to find a reasonable spot to set up my tripod, which I’d dug out of the loft that morning. There was plenty of time, so I was able to take some framing vids of the modern Flexity 2 trams before the action started.

For a change, I must have looked like I knew what I was doing because several people came up to ask questions about when the trams were coming. They were due to start from the Pleasure Beach at 14:15.

It got to about 14:25 and the first boat tram at the head of the column hove into view. I quickly pressed the camera button to start the video rolling. With the camera ready framed on the tripod I was able to leave it to run while I lined up a few shots with my 35mm camera loaded with black and white film. Due to processing you’ll have to wait for those, dangerously assuming I have captured anything worthwhile.

If you do watch the six minute video, you’ll see that a bit of a tram jam developed at one stage. People are clearly having a whale of a time, waving their mini-union jacks furiously. One vehicle appears to have giant cuddly toys on board. It being Blackpool, there’s rarely a dull moment as cyclists use the tramway to avoid the road traffic. I’m quite pleased to have caught the distinct sound of horses hooves from one of the landaus.

With this in the can, I packed up and strolled back up to the Tower area where the trams were having a viewing session before heading on north. As usual they were attracting much attention.

From there to the recently reviewed Upside Down cafe to view my footage, have a delicious coffee and a lovely cookie. The service 6 return stop is just round the corner in Topping Street and that got me home in good time.

Well worth the time spent and some good exercise in traversing the Promenade and getting a bit of sun. I do hope you like my little video. Congratulations to the Blackpool Transport Services heritage operation for pulling this together.





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