LeftCoast sure can pick them. After the bonkers but brilliant Light-Cycle event a few weeks ago I wondered how they would top that. Drumroll please and enter the Lumidogs!
Lumidogs was an event that was the culmination of a series of artist led workshops that encouraged those of a doggy loving nature to dress up their pooches in as outlandish costumes as could be conceived and to bedeck them in neon and LED lights to create what could only be described as as Crufts if it was held in the world of Tron.

The sunken gardens at Gynn Square was the venue for the event and it was lovely to rediscover this bit of Blackpool that in all honesty I had completely forgotten existed. Sadly, the illuminated waterfall had long gone but the space was perfect for the event, it being slightly apart but yet still very much on the illuminations walking route.
A full cat-walk (perhaps dog-walk is a better term) had been built around a hub of sound systems playing an ingenious playlist of dog related songs. Doggy treats were on offer and it became a lovely venue for the hundreds of people who either brought their dogs or just stopped to enjoy the spectacle.

As the crowds gathered and the bedecked bow-wows all preened themselves I was (as I’m not a dog person to be honest) surprised that it all didn’t collapse into a surreal cartoon pit fight between dogs dressed as fairies and pirates (the oldest battle begins again) but all was good natured and there was barely a bark to be heard.ย  It was as if the ghost of Barbara Woodhouse walked among us.

The fashion show itself was a wonder.ย  Crowds stopped at the rise of the sunken gardens to watch a parade of proud poochy people taking part in the fun. LeftCoast’s very own Michael Trainor steered the proceedings with his usual aplomb and gusto. Bulldogs dressed in glowing dresses, cute scruff-balls dressed as Christmas trees and poodles lit up like the fourth of July were among many others which strutted their four legged stuff. When the sun had set completely the doggies were just eye popping in their finery and my personal favourite, a lad who had dressed both himself and his dog to look like a stickman and stickdog, was a joy to behold.

The winners of the parade took away a trophy, a lifetime of vaccinations and as many dog treats as they could carry, or so it appeared. I tried one and must say those dogs have it made, they were lovely, like Farleys Rusks with a touch of bacon. The prizes were very generously donated by Warbreck Vets4Pets who also were part of the judging panel.

To sum up, with all the finery on display it was like Royal Ascot for dogs, but the only WAGs in evidence were the ones at the back of the many happy dogs.ย  With this event opening the door for more, next year’s event will be even more outlandish and I for one will be there to join in. I don’t have a dog but I could always dress up my lifesize model of K9…

Images by C J Griffiths Photography

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