Interview: Tom Ireland

Tom Ireland is the director and curator at Supercollider, the home of conceptual art in Blackpool.  A new exhibition opens on 11th January 2013, at the Cookson Street gallery, which Tom describes as incorporating the “concepts of home, pigeons and space junk”.  As we previously mentioned on this site, Tom is more than happy to talk through the big ideas which tend to burst, like so many smashed particles, out of the compact spaces which Supercollider inhabits.  This week, Tom spared a non-specific quantum of time to answer some strange questions for altblackpool:

Vicky Ellis: Fight or flight?SC copy

Tom Ireland: It depends who has bigger teeth; it is important to know when to fight and when not to, flight defers the fight until you’re better prepared to win it.

VE: Impulse or pause for thought?

TI: Pause for thought – I am a fan of considered thoughts and actions, having said that, I’m not immune to impulsive action.

VE: “Controversy is part of the nature of art and creativity?”(Yoko Ono)

TI: Art and creative disciplines are always going to be sparring partners with established modes, agendas, thoughts and ideas. Art often tells uncomfortable truths which are difficult to hear; that friction is essential, otherwise things will never move forward.

VE: “Protect me from what I want?” (Jenny Holzer)

TI: Is good advice!

VE: Owl or lark?

TI: Lark; life is a laugh.

VE: Town or country?

TI: Town; then you always have somewhere to escape from and to. The country is a good place to escape.

VE:  This question represents a pause into which you may raise any topic you choose. Or not.

TI: Ideas are beautiful. Not so much a topic but a concept which underpins most of what happens at Supercollider.

VE: Art is...

TI: One of the greatest tools we have. It should be used and held in higher regard.


SCCS copy

Catch up on past exhibitions on the Supercollider website.


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