Colin Davies: Doctor Who Adventure

He’s back.  And this time, he’s brought a companion!

Blackpool based poet, performer, author and Whovian Colin Davies has piloted his literary TARDIS to a brand new adventure in time and space.  His sci-fi poetry book, 2001: A Space Ode And Ditty, the basis of an outstanding live show telling of a life lived in the midst of society’s geekier side. The next step in the book’s journey was revealed two weeks ago.

One of the highlights of Davies’ book is the poem When I Grow Up, an ode to the young Colin’s desire to shirk oncoming adult life, by telling the teacher that his one desire is to be Doctor Who.  A worthy plan because, let’s face it, who wouldn’t want to be the tireless Timelord? A time travelling hero with a robot dog and a beautiful assistant. (It says a lot about me that I put ‘robot dog’ before the girl there I think.)

He has managed to do the next best thing to travelling the universe with a bag of jelly babies and a sonic screwdriver and he has only gone and got the 6th Doctor himself Colin Baker to read it. What a blinder! The video is a wonderful thing. Seeing someone talk about wanting to be the greatest hero in the universe, having actually played the role, is a sight to behold.  The poem was also filmed in the ornate Wycombe Swan Theatre’s Oak room, providing the perfect setting.  This is a real coup for Davies.

If this has whet your tastebuds, you can buy the book 2001 a Space Ode And Ditty (and you should) from Amazon, through Waterstones order service or any good book shop.

For more information, head to The Page Of Colin to keep up to speed with Davies’ latest projects.

Keep your ears open for Colin’s next performance of 2001: A Space Ode and Ditty and be assured altFaithful that altBlackpool will be docking its reviewing starship for a full report.

If you can’t wait to witness this poetic wonder, then here it is, for your viewing pleasure.


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