We Love Dancing – Come Join Us. Sam Simpson Dance Activist and Artist.

You may have seen her, you may have met her. Dancing at a bus stop, introducing herself to you with great gusto.

For those of you who have not come across Sam Simpson, she is an artist based in Blackpool using dance as a way to inspire, bringing people together in communities and raising aspirations through the power of dance. I caught up with her ahead of this Saturday’s, Arts Council Funded free “We Love To Dance” event on The Comedy Carpet.

Who are you?

I am an artist and a dancer, my business is Sam Simpson Art. Find out more about me here http://samsimpsonart.co.uk/

What is your intention behind We Love To Dance?

OK, so dancing is my passion, It is about music and my body being lost in a moment. When I am lost in music that is a perfect moment to me! I want to give others the feeling I get from music and dancing.  It’s really all about people coming together to have fun, meet new people and enjoying being outside in an open space. Alongside the “We Love Dancing Come Join Us” dance events, I deliver movement workshops that are designed to help break inhibitions, connect with people, make new friends and boost confidence.  Dancing has made me believe I can do anything I want in my life and I want to share the success.

When is the next event?

This Saturday the 19th August, on The Comedy Carpet. It starts at 1pm. This time I am going to have an actual sound system supported by a local creative sound studio: Studio 3 Collective (https://www.facebook.com/studio3collective/). Everyone is welcome, you do not need to be able to dance, there is no pressure and it is an open invitation to all.

What and who inspires you?

I am inspired by the people around me, friends and strangers. I am always dancing wherever I am so when an old man with a walking stick joins me dancing at the bus stop or a man in a van drives past and beeps his horn and joins in, I feel success. Occasionally I get a group of bemused teenagers joining me in a dance which warms my heart and proves that with dance there are no boundaries. Over the years I have spent time observing and drawing a Blackpool street dance group called FYWingz and find the groups ethics and aspirations especially inspirational meeting happy, connected, motivated young people who have also found a life line through dance.

What does the future hold?

Oh my Gosh! the future for me, would be to be known as the woman that got the country dancing.  Not just for the sake of dancing but to be free.  Inspiring freedom for people to “let go” a little and feel pressure lift from the constraints of everyday worry, to be able to forget everything and live in the moment and feel good for me and for others.

Final thoughts?

I have lots of people say to me “I saw you dancing on the prom”,  but  they don’t come over. Please if you see me it would be wonderful if you came and joined me for a conversation or, if I am dancing, ultimately a dance. Join me on Saturday from 12 noon.


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