Blackpool: Is it really a crap town?

I Love Blackpool
I Love Blackpool
I Love Blackpool

All over the internet this last week has been ‘news’ of an updated version of an outdated opinion.

Crap Towns: The 50 Worst Places to Live in the UK, has been granted a second round at town-bashing and the follow up; Crap Towns: Revisited, has allowed us the dishonour of being one of said Crap Towns.

My question is, what constitutes a crap town?  I’ll hold my hand up, we must have all at some point huffed something along the lines of “That’s Blackpool for you,” or exclaimed profanities at various failings of the town.

Blackpool is still in a post 999- What’s Your Emergency hangover.  That is to say, visitors and residents alike, when thinking of the town, have flashbacks much like the dreaded memories of a night out. Instead of a bit of bad dancing, or drinking too much, these flashbacks are of the mashed up footage of our emergency services tending to people in the worst moments of their lives, all condensed into short dramatic episodes. Like the dreaded hangover, the bits we don’t remember are in-between incidents, or the context in which things happened. The before and after.

Blackpool provides a stage for shows and productions on their international tours.  It hosts musicians, comedians, festivals, artists, world class competitions and local talent. Blackpool has a long long history of being one of the best places to holiday in the UK. Millions of people visit us every year, we are just that crap!

We are, for a town is made of its people, surely, a small town with equal measures of big problems and big ideas.  We are a town full of talent, warmth and generosity. We may be in the top fifty crappiest towns, but Blackpool, I still love you.

The Crap Towns editors are inviting representatives of their long list of 100 ‘crap towns’ to produce evidence which will persuade them that their town deserves to be in the book or that it’s actually a wonderful place to live.  Videofy.me can be used to share video evidence to support your cause.  If you agree with Fiona and think that Blackpool is actually a terrific place, why not film your evidence and upload it via Twitter with the hashtags: #craptown or #notacraptown.  Conversely, if you’re sick of this place and want to share your disgruntlement, we at altblackpool will fully support your gloomy, glass half full, pessimistic opinion. (Editor)

Featured image courtesy of visitblackpool.com

Reclaim Blackpool - Mapping Sexual Harrasment
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